Membership Rights and Responsibilities                                      



We believe the members   of this ministry form an integral part of the K.D.M.I. congregation. It is the desire of Kingdom Dominion Ministries International to inform members, especially those who are constant worshipers and supporters of this ministry financially (tithes and offering) to know about their membership rights and responsibilities. The rights and responsibilities are formulated to help assume effective membership quality service and pastoral care: You have the Right

  1. To know the organization policy and the by-laws regarding membership.

  2. To have access to available pastoral care that values you without regard to your color, gender, national origin, race, martial status, lifestyle preference, age or disability.

  3. To be treated with respect and recognition of your personality and personal needs without prejudice.

  4. To receive full pastoral care and spiritual service for you and members of your family.

  5. To have your personal dignity recognized in the perceptions of your believes in Christ Jesus.

  6. To give suggestions or refuse to participate in the activities of the church.

  7. To benefit from the K.D.M.I. environment that respects your need for confidentiality, privacy, and security.

  8. To expect a spirit-filled environment, care, love, free from any form of abuse or harassment.

  9. To contribute to the growth and material support of K.D.M.I.

  10. To seek spiritual counsel for any pending marital, physical, emotional abuse; any ailment or situation that K.D.M.I. can help you overcome.

  11. To request KDMI leadership to participate or oversee spiritual and traditional events on your behalf.

Members who have concerns that have not be address should contact the hospitality department. The Hospitality Personnel will direct their concerns to the appropriate leaders, who will make sure their concerns, are resolve to the member satisfaction. In case, a member wants to pursue the issue further, they may address the issues to the Church Administration: 558 West Broad Street, Westfield, NJ 07090.


You have the responsibility:

  1. To inform the hospitality personnel about any assistant you need.

  2. To respect, obey and follow instruction of the staff and all Kingdom Workers.

  3. To cooperate with the church management about any pending issues.

  4. To update your personal information such as home address, telephone etc.

  5. To provide accurate and complete information about yourself and family members, especially children and husband, if you have any.

  6. Contact the church administration, the pastoral office or any of the deacons for questions and clarifications of any misunderstanding.

  7. To seek spiritual counsel and advice concerning your spiritual needs

  8. To request for K.D.M.I leadership to participate an upcoming event you are organizing.

  9. To follow, abide and obey the rules, policies and bylaws of Kingdom Dominion Ministries International at all times.

  10. To collect your children from the children service and keep an eye on your kids after church service is over.

  11. To collect all belongs before leaving the church service premises after service.

  12. To get your own transportation to church services or any other meetings in the church.

  13. To call the transportation department for a ride should need a ride, if there is transportation made available for the members of the church.

  14. To bear the cost of any personal service that is not under the jurisdictions of this church such as renting of space for your occasional activities. etc.

If any member have questions regarding their responsibilities, the Hospitality Personnel of the church should be contacted.


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