Dominion Experience

Dominion experience happened when God chose his servant Joshua to lead His people to possess their inheritance out of the hands of their enemies. This took place after the death of Moses, God's servant. Joshua, 1:1-11. Based on this biblical philosophy the church leadership derived this program (Dominion Experience) for the people of God. The purpose of this program is to impart divine direction and the release of hope and spiritual strength to the people of God. As they journey with the Lord to repositioning them into their destiny. This program will focus on challenging members to live the fullness of life God has designed for us all through His Son. It will also underline the prophetic direction and the divine order of God concerning lives. This program takes place in March. This is the first major church program.

   Atonement  Day

Atonement Day is a special day for the people of God to re-align themselves through reconciliation with their Maker as the year begins to draw closer. Atonement means  provision for the removal or forgiveness of sins. Leviticus 4:27-31, 6:2-10.These days are very important and special  for  all members of this local church to come before God in reconciliatory manner; plead for the forgiveness of sins in order to renew a fresh relationship or have a new start with God. This period is set aside for prayer and fasting beginning from September to October. During these periods of days, the church, K.D.M.I enters into intensive prayer for the nation, families, individuals and all people.

   Passover Jubilee

The Passover Jubilee takes place in the first month of the year. It was a feast commanded by God for our forefathers and their children to observed. Exodus,12:11-27.This is an end of year (December) vigil program in to the New Year. The Passover jubilee celebration demonstrates the deliverance of the Lord to His people from oppression, satanic attacks, economic hardship, family chaos, pre-mature death, sickness and diseases.  It is the Lord's Passover celebration for entering into a new territory. The program focuses more on prayer and worship in the wake of the New Year. During this service, the church leadership declares the major theme of  focus, which becomes the yearly vision to fulfill the main vision of the church.

     Empowerment Conference

Me-Conference: This is a man's empowerment conference that is organized to edge every man to take the leading role in the building and the development of our communities with principles of the Word of God.

We-Conference: This is a women's conference organized to empower the female morality to accept the challenging role in the national, community and personal development through the principles of the Word of God.


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