Venue: 5415 Equipment Drive . Charlotte NC 282626 | Time: 7pm | Click Here Direction

Dominion Hour is the prayer service of this church,which takes place every last Friday of the month. In this ministry, we believed in the supernatural power of God and the redemptive atonement of the blood of Jesus that healed all manners of diseases and sickness. During this prayer hour, we spend time ministering to people who are in need and have any peculiar prayer request for divine intervention. In the book of Jeremiah 3:33, the bible says “call unto God and He will show you great, mighty things you do not know”. As a human being, we are not accustomed to most of the things, which are in the Spirit, neither do we understand certain things that occur in the natural. Nevertheless, when prayers are lifted up before God the things, which are hidden will come to light and that, which man needs to fulfill their destiny or purpose in life will be released from our Father in Heaven.

Conversely, we must be people who are availing ourselves to call on God to visit mankind in order to grant understanding and revelation for that which must be make known among men. This is one of the reasons why Dominion Hour is very important to this ministry. Therefore, we encouraged everyone who needs the touch of God in any situation to attend this prayer service. We are the ministry that believes in much prayer, because prayer draws the saints close to God and has the potential to meet any need in life. It is prudent for us to come jointly into His presence as people to pray for the communities, nations and individual needs. This is what makes K.D.M.I unique as a church. Prayer to God accomplishes much when the saints of God join their spirit together with unwavering faith to seek Him. We will like to have you join us for Dominion Hour experience.


Venue: 5415 Equipment Drive . Charlotte NC 282626 | Time: 7pm | Click Here Direction


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