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Career Counseling

 One of the focuses of this ministry or church is to build a strong career management team that will help individuals match their career aspiration and abilities with organizational needs within the industry of interest. God is interested in what people do with their gifts and skills that is why He endowed man of old with special gifts such architectural design, fine art etc.2 Chronicle, 2:14. As people build effective career résumé, it will assist them to be ready for any opportunities coming along their career area. The career administration of this church, will offer

·        free career counseling

·        Career development training or seminars 

·        Career information

·        Resume Writing

·        Job Opportunities availability




Financial Planning

Financial accountability is of great interest to God. Therefore, it is very very important for us to be careful about how we as a church manage our finances, at the same time, teach children of God to be financially faithful to God, family and the nation. We are stewards of every denim the Lord entrusted into our hands. So we must be ready, to account to the Lord whenever He demand us to do so. Matthew 25:14-31

K.D.M.I is not only focusing on developing the spiritual well being of God's children, but also to teach them to be good stewards of the "Lord's Talent", having the concept that not all of us have knowledge about financial management. One of things we like to do as ministry to the community and the children under the leadership of God’s Kingdom is to offer: Financial Teaching, College Investment, Personal financial management Investment Opportunities.





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